Ernesto J. Ortiz, MD, MPH

Ernesto J. Ortiz, MD, MPH

Senior Manager of Programs at the Global Health Innovation Center

Ernesto J. Ortiz, MD, MPH, is a Peruvian-American who completed his medical training in Perú, and later earned his MPH from the University of Iowa, USA.  Based at the Duke Global Health Institute since 2012, Dr. Ortiz relishes and fosters collaborative initiatives that involve members from various disciplines, cultures, nations, and institutions.

His research is comprehensive and multifaceted, with a focus on the relationship between humans and their environment and its impact on health. His work includes studying the health effects of heavy metal exposure, zoonotic diseases, chronic illnesses, and maternal and child health particularly in the Amazon region. Driven by a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, he seeks solutions that incorporate local perspectives and aims to translate evidence into meaningful impact.

After his MPH studies, Ernesto spent a year at the University of Iowa conducting research on zoonotic influenza. He returned to Perú, to join the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) SOUTH (previously known as NAMRU-6) where he spent four years researching emerging infectious diseases across various regions. His work has focused on Latin America, with additional projects in Ethiopia and the Philippines.

Dr. Ortiz also served for four years as a senior manager at the Duke Global Health Innovation Center. As an Affiliate Faculty for the Hubert-Yeargan Center for Global Health, he leverages his connections and experience in South America to support HYC in fostering new collaborations, emphasizing research, bi-directional training, and capacity building, particularly in Peru, within the Latin American region. This approach underscores his commitment to inclusive and sustainable solutions in global health.

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