Constantine Akwanalo, MBcHB, MMED


Eldoret, Kenya

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Constantine Akwanalo, MBcHB, MMED

Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

Dr. Constantine Akwanalo is a consultant physician and cardiologist at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya.  His involvement with the HYC began in 2009 when he partnered with the newly formed Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Center of Excellence at MTRH in collaboration with Duke. Since then, he has been an instrumental part of the formation of the Moi University Cardiovascular Fellowship program, presenting didactic lectures and serving as a research mentor for Kenyan students and fellows.  He also serves as a partner in capacity and strategic development.

Dr. Akwanalo has worked with the HYC’s Dr. Rebecca Lumsden on research exploring the clinical and geographic patterns of rheumatic heart disease in western Kenya. His other research interests include hypertension and cardiac devices.

Dr. Akwanalo received his undergraduate and graduate medical degrees from the Nairobi University School of Medicine and the Moi University School of Medicine, respectively. He served as an intern, medical officer, and internal medicine registrar at MTRH before joining the faculty.