Residents and Fellows


Moshi, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre

Brian Meier, MD, MSc-GH

Global Health Pathway Graduate
Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship Alumni

Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine


Dr. Brian Meier graduated from the Duke Emergency Medicine Global Health Fellowship in 2017 and earned his master of science in global health. He earned his MD at the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his emergency medicine residency at Virginia Tech Carillion in 2015. Dr. Meier was awarded a Fogarty Global Health Research Fellowship for his work in Moshi, Tanzania at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. His project, under the mentorship of Dr. Catherine Staton, developed and validated a culturally relevant pain scale in Kiswahili for use in patients with acute injury. His research interests include injury prevention and epidemiology, as well as pain management in traumatic injury. Dr. Meier is currently faculty at Virginia Tech Carilion in Roanoke, VA.

GHP Project Related Publications

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