Residents and Fellows


Gurgaon, India

Centre for Chronic Disease Control

Anubha Agarwal, MD, MSc-GH

Global Health Pathway Graduate
Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship Alumni

Internal Medicine
Department of Medicine


Anubha Agarwal completed the internal medicine and global health residency in 2018 and earned a Master of Science in Global Health at Duke. She received her medical degree from Stanford University with a scholarly concentration in Health Policy and Services Research. During medical school, Dr. Agarwal participated in the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship where she investigated the cross-sectional associations between household air pollution (i.e., from traditional cookstoves) and cardiac structure and function using echocardiography in Eldoret, Kenya under the mentorship of Dr. Jerry Bloomfield. Her work in global health led her to experiences across the globe, including Argentina, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, China, and Nepal.

As a Global Health Pathway Fellow, she gained technical skills in implementing research projects, analyzing data and disseminating new knowledge in order to unveil the basic determinants of cardiovascular disease amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Dr. Agarwal was awarded a Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship and conducted research in Gurgaon, India under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Huffman and Dr. Prabhakaran Doiraj at the Centre for Chronic Disease Control.  She continued her training as a Cardiology fellow at Northwestern and is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Co-Director for the Program in Global Cardiovascular Health at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

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