Residents and Fellows


Mwanza, Tanzania

Bugando Medical Centre

Adam Olson, MD, MSc-GH

Global Health Pathway Graduate

Radiation Oncology
Duke University, Department of Radiation Oncology


Adam Olson, the program’s first radiation oncology global health resident, completed medical school at University of Pittsburgh. After a transitional year internship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Olson came to Duke in 2013 as a radiation oncology resident and joined the Global Health Radiation Oncology Residency in 2015. He investigated outcomes of HIV-related malignancies in patients who receive radiation therapy and pursued fieldwork at Bugando Medical Centre in ​Mwanza, Tanzania.  Dr. Olson is currently on faculty at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Representative Publications:

  • Olson AC, Coleman CN, Hahn SM, Deweese TL, Shulman LN, Chabner BA, Chao N, Martei YM, Mundt AJ, Grover S. A Roadmap for a New Academic Pathway for Global Radiation Oncology. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2015;93(3):493-496.
  • Grover S, Balogun OD, Yamoah K, Groen R, Shah M, Rodin D, Martei Y, Olson AC, Slone JS, Shulman LN, Coleman CN and Hahn SM (2015) Training global oncologists: addressing the global cancer control problem. Front. Oncol. 5:80. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2015.00080.

Adam is pictured here at Bugando Medical Center’s new cancer facilities with mentor Dr. Beda Likonda.