Shiprock, United States

Northern Navajo Medical Center

Shiprock, New Mexico 
Eleanor Emery, MD
Medical Officer-Physician, Internal Medicine,
Coordinator of Internal Medicine Student and Resident Rotations


The collaboration between Duke University and the Northern Navajo Medical Center (NNMC) began in 1999 when Dr. Corey and Dr. Kimberly Mohs began to offer a clinical rotation in Internal Medicine at NNMC. Since that time one to two Duke residents per year have had the opportunity to spend six weeks in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation.

Clinical Opportunities

NNMC is a 75-bed hospital in Shiprock, New Mexico serving Native American patients from the northeastern part of the Navajo reservation and the greater Four Corners area. The current hospital opened in February 1995 and is the newest and largest hospital on the reservation. Clinical services include Anesthesia, Dentistry, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, OB/Gyn, Optometry, Orthopedics, ENT, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy and Psychiatry. Vigorous programs in health promotion and disease prevention as well as public health nursing complement the inpatient services.

The rotation includes working in the inpatient, ICU, and outpatient setting with call being one night per week. There is no weekend call. Rotations include working in the TB Clinic, Miner’s Clinic, Rheumatology, Diabetes Clinic, Hepatitis Clinic, and Hypertension Clinic.


At this time, there are no research opportunities available for residents on six week clinical elective rotations.