Dr. Deng Madut Awarded SiCK Supplement

Congratulations to Dr. Deng Madut, a GHP alumnus and current Duke ID faculty member, on his recent NIH Diversity Supplement Award!  As part of Dr. Matt Rubach’s R01 Sepsis Characterization in Kilimanjaro (SiCK) study, Dr. Madut will evaluate if the genomic data generated from the SiCK study can be utilized to determine infectious disease states. He hopes to determine whether or not previously published blood -based gene expression classifiers can accurately discriminate between infectious disease pathogen classes (bacteria vs viral vs fungal) and pathogen genomes can be directly detected from host blood.

Sepsis is a leading cause of in-hospital death around the world and the SiCK is making strides in understanding if there are distinct sub-types of sepsis that exist in sub-Saharan Africa.  Congratulations to Dr. Madut and the SiCK team!